WGP – Japan continues winning streak, Germany second in Płock

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WGP – Japan continues winning streak, Germany second in Płock

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Japan defeat Poland 3-0 and with China is leader with 17 points. Germany won second time in WGP 2013 with Kazakhstan 3-1.



POLAND – JAPAN 0-3 (19-25 24-26 15-25)

Line-ups and scores:
Poland: Radecka (2), Skwrońska-Dolata (12), Kąkolewska (3), Kaczor (3), Różycka (10), Tokarska (1), Maj (L) and Wołosz (1), Konieczna (2), Sieczka (5), Martałek (5)
Japan: Miyashita (1), Kimura (15), Iwasaka (3), Shinnabe (13), Ebata (19), Otake (2), Zayasu (L) and Ishida, Hirai (4)

Poland again was smashed, this time by Japan. Poland at the start had a little advantage and lost it thanks to good serves by outside hitter Saori Kimura and defense. After four lost matches and lost first set Polish coach Piotr Makowski came back with Katarzyna Skowrońska from outside hitter to her natural position, opposite to setter. Again she was best scorer, but her game this time also wasn’t so good. Poor polish block and reception didn’t let Poles to make the fight with Japan. Only second set looked better, but Poland lost it similarly like last set against Germany. Polish coach has big problems before European Championships, I wonder how the players will be prepared for the important games.

Team Leaders:

PlayersPointsSpike pointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeUnforced ErrorsKatarzyna Skowrońska121029 %5119Yukiko Ebata191842 %5105


KAZAKHSTAN – GERMANY 1-3 (14-25 11-25 25-20 19-25)
Line-ups and scores:
Kazakhstan: Ishimtseva (8), Shenberger, Anarbayeva (11), Mudritskaya (18), Jarlagassova (11), Nassedkina (7), Storozhenko (L) and Omelchenko (1), Lukomskaya, Afanasyeva, Gordeyeva (3), Issayeva
Germany: Weiß (4), Brinker (19), Fürst (10), Kozuch (9), Beier (6), Brandt (10), Thomsen (L) and Hanke (2), Hippe (14), Geerties, Izquierdo (1)

German team played better than in first game against Kazakhstan, however Kazakh players again stole set from Germans. Guidetti used few substitutes like middle blocker Anja Brandt and libero Lisa Thomsen. Germans were better in all elements, but again stats aren’t reliable source to compare teams, especially reception. This time best German scorer was outside hitter Maren Brinker with 19 points.

Team Leaders:

PlayersPointsSpike pointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeUnforced ErrorsTatyana Mudritskaya181641 %7207Maren Brinker191655 %3124Click Here: Putters

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