WCH: Poland with amazing Wlazły achieves goal!

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WCH: Poland with amazing Wlazły achieves goal!

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Tuesday started 3rd Round of WCH. In Łódź Poland beats Brazil after tight match in Pool H. In Katowice France beats Germany in Pool G in straight sets.



FRANCE – GERMANY 3-0 (25-15 26-24 25-22) Duration: 1:32′
France: Toniutti (2), N’gapeth (20), Le Roux (5), Rouzier (16), Tillie (8), Le Goff (4), Grebennikov (L) and Jaumel, Marechal
Germany: Kampa (3), Westpahl (6), Böhme (6), Grozer (14), Kaliberda (11), Broshog (2), Tille (L), M.Steuerwald (L) and Schwarz, Schöps, Kühner, Günthör (2)
Starting from the beginning of the first set, both teams displayed fine blocks (with Kevin Le Roux and Earvin N’gapeth of France and Marcus Böhme of Germany) and presented well-built defence that caused very balanced game. France ran 5-3 ahead after Earvin N’gapeth efficient serve and increased their leading to three points with a fierce of spectacular digs finished with a fine counter-attack. Having four points of advance at the first technical timeout, France started to control the game and extend their leading (10-5 after Antonin Rouzier’s kill). Germany tried to catch up with fine spikes by Denys Kaliberda and Tim Broshog and making a use of the opponent’s mistake, they managed to come at 14-12. However, aggressive serves followed by fine counter-attacks helped Laurent Tillie’s players to jump 16-12 ahead and kept the advance till the end of the set, finishing it 25-15 after Jochen Schöps’s out dink. 
As Germany came back to the court with regained focus, they kept touch mostly because of their good passing and efficient spikes. Nevertheless, France were 8-7 ahead at the first technical timeout. With Denys Kaliberda’s winning the fight at the net, Germany managed to reduce France’s lead to one point (9-8). Shortly after, a great performance with astonishing defence by both teams was finished by France’s out spike and let Germany catch up at 10-10. This balanced game was held throughout the set and the scores changed from one side to the other due to György Grozer and Denys Kaliberda’s spikes of Germany and Ngapeth of the world No. 13 ranked team. Vital Heynen decided to put Sebastian Kühner on the court to improve Germany’s serve, but his serve mistake put France 20-19 ahead. With hard-spiking N’gapeth, France finished the exciting second set 26-24. 
Continuing their road after a ten-minute break, France started the third set with powerful spikes and gained 4-1 leading. With Grozer coming back to the game, Germany started a chase, but their serve error increased the distance to four points (6-2). After out German’s block, France led 8-3 at the first technical timeout. Improving their defence, Germany with two efficient blocks by Dirk Westphal and Max Günthör followed by Grozer’s fine counter-attack, managed to reduce France’s lead to two points (9-7). At 10-8 Kaliberda and Böhme stopped Ngapeth’s attack and forced Laurent Tillie to call a timeout. Keeping their advance, France prevented world ranked 10 Germany from playing efficient spikes and building solid defence. After astonishing catching up which was possible due to Dirk Westphal’s aggressive serves, Germany came closer at 22-21, but they were Brazil who won the third set 25-22, after Germany’s simple technical mistake.
POLAND – BRAZIL 3-2 (25-22 22-25 14-25 25-18 17-15) Duration: 2:35′

Poland: Drzyzga (3), Winiarski (2), Nowakowski (5), Wlazły (31), Kubiak (5), Kłos (13), Zatorski (L) and Konarski (4), Zagumny, Mika (13), Buszek, Możdżonek
Brazil: Bruno (3), Lucarelli (16), Lucas (15), Visotto (16), Felipe Fonteles (17), Sidao (6), Mario Junior (L), Felipe Silva (L) and Wallace (4), Raphael

With powerful spikes and strong blocks Brazil took the lead 7-3 forcing Poland’s coach Stephane Antiga to call timeout. The Brazilians showed incredible skills and refused to let their opponents catch up. Brazil led 15-11, to prompt Antiga to make a substitution as Dawid Konaski replaced Fabian Drzyzga. Playing without their setter, Poland scored four unanswered points and levelled the score at 15-all. After the longest and most spectacular rally of the set, Wlazlł’s strong spike gave Poland gained a two-point advantage 20-18. Konarski added an ace and Poland carried the advantage until the end to clinch the first set 25-22. 
Brazil started well in the second set, taking the 5-2 advantage. The Polish squad were a little bit shaken as they struggled with their passing in the opening stage of the set. Brazil clearly recovered after the loss in the first set and proved to be mentally stronger. Brazil served aggressively, with Lipe taking the serve speed metre to a high of 119 kilometre per hour, putting pressure on their rivals. The substitution did not help the Polish team as quickly as in the previous set, but they eventually managed to reduce the deficit to two points. The Brazilians managed to keep their heads calm and took the second set 25-22. 
Brazil carried the momentum from the previous set into the third set and quickly jumped ahead 13-6. Coach Antiga had nothing else to do but to start making changes, putting Rafał Buszek on the court for the first time, then a double-substitution. Brazil took a commanding lead 20-12 with a barrage of attacks on the Polish block. Poland seemed tentative on offence that allowed for the Brazilian blockers to mount their solid blocks. Poland were held to score only two points as the Brazilians cruised to third set win 25-14. 
Brazil led in the fourth set but were profoundly challenged by Poland as the lead was kept at a minimum of two points. Dryzyzga’s good serve and smart set plays kept his team’s score close to the Brazilian lead. Brazil lost its momentum as Wlazly blasted strong spikes, destabilising the Brazilian defence for a 23-18 lead for Poland. A reception error by Brazil’s Felipe Fonteles sent the game to a tiebreaker as Poland clinched the fourth set 25-18. 
As the masters of tiebreaker matches, Poland showed a spirited start in the final set to lead 7-3. Lipe’s drop shot cut the lead down 7-5. Lucas Saatkamp’s service error brough the three point lead back at side change 8-5. Brazil finally retaliated with three unanswered points for a deadlock at 8-all. Brazil’s Ricardo Lucarelli foiled Wlazly’s attack to takeover the lead at 12-11. Mateusz Mika scored on a block to tie the score at 13-all, then a service error put the Polish squad for the first match point. Lucas extinguished the fire off the Polish blockers’ hands for another tie. Brazil then took the lead but Wlazły took his turn to save the second match point. A Polish attack was called out but coach Antiga called the challenge that went on for a favourable reversal of a ball touch.
Tomorrow games:
Germany – Iran
Brazil – Russia
Any loss by Germany and Brazil eliminates these teams from competition, giving them only 5th place match. Other results will mix things up.
Photo and descriptions: FIVB.

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