Parkland's 'Iron Man' Won't Go Back To Stoneman Douglas

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Parkland's 'Iron Man' Won't Go Back To Stoneman Douglas

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — The 15-year-old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivor who was shot five times trying to shield his classmates from an emotionaly disturbed gunman, won’t be returning to the Parkland school where the Valentine’s Day massacre took place, his father said Monday. Royer Borges said he is not confident that adequate safety measures have been put in place since 17 students and faculty members were gunned down in the worst school shooting on U.S. soil since Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Classes resume Wednesday in Broward County.

“For two months I didn’t know if my son would live or die,” said Royer Borges in a statement. “As bad as this was, it was not as bad as the other parents that received the call that their child had been killed.”

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Borges’ Attorney, Alex Arreaza of Fort Lauderdale, told Patch on Monday that the Borges family waited to see what security measures were put in place before deciding whether Anthony Borges would return to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for the opening of classes.

“They’ve been playing it by ear for awhile,” he said of the Borges family. “The father just said: ‘I can’t throw my kid in that dangerous environment. I’m just going to home-school him.'”

The families of Parkland victims slammed Broward County school officials last week for what they described as a lack of progress in implementing new school safety measures. They called on voters to oust current school board members in the upcoming elections.

“There has been no accountability, no accepting of any responsibility by any person or official on the part of the school district,”according to Borges. “The Broward School Board have pretty much told us they will run the county school district as they see fit and they don’t care what you or I say.”

The Borges family filed a lawsuit in Broward County Circuit Court against the accused gunman, three mental health providers that failed to recognize the threat posed by him, the couple who allowed the accused gunman to bring guns into their home and the estate of the gunman’s adopted mother.

Patch has agreed not to publish the accused shooter’s name at the request of the families of victims.

Anthony Borges, who was shot three times in the legs and twice in the torso, has been dubbed “Iron Man” for his heroic efforts, a moniker that he dismisses. He was hospitalized for more than a month, underwent multiple surgeries and was placed in a clinically-induced coma.

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He is confined to a wheelchair and his father urged voters to elect new board members.

“One of the school board members went as far as saying that 2017-18 was the best school year,” Royer Borges added. “I’m pretty sure the other parents will agree it was the worst year of our lives.”

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel visits Anthony Borges in the hospital. Photo courtesy Broward Sheriff’s Office.

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