Duck Rescued From Grille Of Car At Homewood Library

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Duck Rescued From Grille Of Car At Homewood Library

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HOMEWOOD, IL — The “cat in a tree” may remain as the most classic animal rescue, but firefighters in the village of Homewood on Tuesday made the day much more exciting for onlookers and those watching on social media when they pulled off the new “duck in the grille of a car” drill.

A group of four or five firefighters took just a few minutes to rescue the animal that somehow found its way into that part of a woman’s car. And if not for a video shared by Homewood resident Betsy Van Etten, it may have been a story too bizarre to believe.

“I was pulling out of the street next to the fire station when I saw a bunch of firefighters walking across the street to the library parking lot,” said Van Etten, who when told there was a duck stuck in the front of a car decided “I’m totally recording this one.”

A woman who was leaving the Homewood Public Library noticed just then the head and beak of a duck sticking out of the grille of the car. With the help of a few bystanders, firefighters were called to walk over from the station across the street.

Within minutes, the grille was opened and the duck freed. The animal didn’t stick around, though, waddling away as if nothing happened.

“It was really funny,” Van Etten said. “It made my day.”

Rescuing an animal this way is surely not something that happens everyday for first responders, but Van Etten said she’s proud of how prepared the Homewood firefighters were to do just that.

“They were really professional, compassionate and sweet about it,” Van Etten said. “I’m impressed and proud of our firefighters. They genuinely care and showed that today by putting in quite a bit of effort in being quick and efficient.”

Watch the video below.

Photo via Betsy Van Etten / Facebook video screenshot

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