Animal Advocates Protest At Popular Turkey Farm: 'I Want To Live'

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Animal Advocates Protest At Popular Turkey Farm: 'I Want To Live'

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CALVERTON, NY — Holding signs that read “I Want To Live,” “Is There A Humane Way To Kill Someone?” and “Animals Are Not Ours To Eat,” a group of animal advocates held a vigil Saturday for the “turkeys that are killed for Thanksgiving.”

The silent ceremony was held outside Miloski’s Poultry Farm on Middle Country Road in Calverton.

Organized by Brooklyn-Queens Animal Save and Long Island Animal Save, the event was aimed at raising awareness, the groups said. The “peaceful and loving demonstration” was meant to “honor those who are bred into existence, kept prisoners for their entire lives only to be brutally slaughtered unnecessarily. This holiday season, we ask everyone to please keep these victims in your heart, off your plate and honor who they are,” Long Island Animal Save said.

According to the groups, “46 million individuals who do not want to die will be killed and consumed on Thanksgiving and 22 million on Christmas.”

The animal advocates gathered, said prayers and placed flowers outside Miloski’s. “We have gathered to offer a compassionate presence for the victims, and to outreach and educate the customers and passersby about the cruelty of animal agriculture, and to enlighten them about a compassionate and peaceful holiday celebration,” the groups said.

A representative for Miloski’s Poultry Farm told Patch the business had no comment.

But others came out in strong support, all on Facebook, for the business, family owned and operated in Calverton since 1946.

“Leave the farm alone,” one woman wrote.

“So outrageous,” wrote another.

“I’m going to get a turkey ’cause I saw this,” a man added, on the same post, and someone responded that he was going to go and “get three.”

“Ridiculous,” wrote another.

“The lives of 46 million baby turkeys are taken in the name of tradition every year during a holiday where people gather to give thanks and remember why they are grateful,” organizers of the Animal Save Movement said. “The presence of each one of you holds people accountable for the gratitude and compassion that they claim to have. Opposition and change may be uncomfortable for many people when faced with these truths. But our presence reminds people that it is time to evolve. We do not have to accept the world the way it is. And since nobody is truly ‘free’, until everyone is free.”

As one woman said as she placed flowers at the site, “We can’t save anybody today but we are stronger together — and change starts with us.”

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Another added, “We will never stop fighting.”

“Really — if they don’t want to eat meat, that’s OK,” a woman countered on Facebook, “but leave people who want to eat meat alone.”

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